Wednesday, 4 April 2018

We should have a longer break time


we have learnt that it is a way to convince people to agree with the way that you feel or think about things.

We spent today looking at the different sides to an argument. We talked about having longer break times at school.

When we started the discussion we only had 2 people thinking the break time that we had was long enough.By the time we had finished another 8 people had joined them and changed their mind. We talked how if you have strong ideas you are able to persuade people to agree with you.

Bio Poems:

Some of our Awesome Bio Poems that can be found in the hallway outside our room. It was a great way to get to know the different people in our class. Come in and have a read to find out more about our awesome class.

Monday, 26 March 2018

What a start to the year we have had in Room 4!

We have spent the first half of this term setting up our classroom and our learning culture. We spent a lot of time sharing our ideas and talking about what how we feel our classroom should run for our best learning to happen. This has tied in well with our value of the term - focusing on teamwork.
Our creative skills have been put to the test while we have been sharing who we are as a person. Come and check out our bio-poems that are hanging in the corridor.

As part of our Treemendous inquiry we had a fantastic day at Percy’s Scenic Reserve. We spent lots of time looking at man made features as well as natural features. We walked up to the waterfall and were deciding how we could build one in our Treemendous space.

We are now in the full swing of our classroom learning and have started our Maths rotations with the rest of our Hub. We are enjoying working with our peers as well as Mr Karl and Mrs Adams.
We have been learning some amazing skills during our swimming sessions. Not only have we been working on our stroke but we have also been practicing our water safety skills

Week 5 was finished off with a high and during our full school assembly we won the Patu award for the best class in full school assembly.

We are sure looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings.